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  • sosa:Sensor


  • AVHRR is an across track scanner that senses the Earth’s outgoing radiation from horizon to horizon in six channels (three solar channels in the visible-near infrared region and three thermal infrared channels), with a spatial resolution of 1km at nadir. AVHRR has applications within operational meteorology — measuring cloud properties (height, temperature, phase); land analysis — supplying data for calculating vegetation indices, soil moisture, snow cover, and land surface temperature (skin); ocean analysis — supplying data for deriving sea surface temperature and sea ice concentration, and aerosols and fire detection. AVHRR supports the IASI mission with sounding geolocation; cloud characterisation within the IASI FOV, and support to scene inhomogeneity quantification for the correction of the IASI spectral response.

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  • Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer

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